A Home  for Assisted Living for the Elderly and Dementia Care.

A Society for  Care of the Senior Citizen along with it's other Services.

Assisted living is a group senior living facility that is not licensed as a nursing home. Assisted Living can respond to elder's unscheduled needs for assistance.

What's NEW?

This is the 1st Residential Enclave for Assisted Living for Elderly and Dementia and Alzheimer's In Eastern India.
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Our Services Includes
Comprehensive Memory Clinic: This Dementia and Alzheimer?s Care Center has memory clinic which is very much beneficial to the patients with Dementia and the caregivers who attend this clinic. This clinic can help early diagnosis of the disease. Follow-up action can be taken to alleviate the sufferings and rehabilitate the person quickly. And thus the caregivers as well as family-members can get relief from their burden of care giving regularly to some extent.
Comprehensive Memory Clinic
Long Term Care: In the later stage of Dementia, the patients are unable to perform the daily activities and thus have to depend on attendants totally. Difficult behaviors may arise which compels the family members to move the patient in care unit. Though the decision to move the loved one to long term care center is difficult, but it is in the best interest of the patient and it is essential. Our trained staff in taking care of dementia can very much able to manage the difficult behaviors. Sometime we resort means without sedating medication.
Short Term / Respite Care: Respite allows a person with dementia to have benefit from taking part in enjoyable activities, gaining an opportunity of social interaction and spending time with trained staffs those who are skilled in maintaining their balance and well being. During the period of respite, the trained member staff will look for activities which engage the interest of the person with dementia for improving the mental health of the persons.
This is a great relief to the caregiver, particularly when they need to go out of station or just want a break from caring for a short period. You can rest be assured that your loved one will be taken due care.
Sometimes dementia presents with very challenging behaviors. The reasons for this could be many, but it is important to assess and treat those behaviors if possible so that you can continue to care for your loved one at home. This can be achieved by admitting the dementia affected person for a short period in the care centre.
Long Term Care
Respite Care
Day Care: We will provide care in day time to the Dementia patient along with different patient concentric services so that the patients can achieve a different friendly congenial environment.
The day care centre can help those individuals who:
  •   Unable to perform their daily activities of living.
  •   Isolated from others for more than a few hours a day and miss companionship.
  •   Cannot be safely left alone at home.
  •   Live with someone who works outside the home or needs regular time away from
          home for other reasons.
Day Care
Fitness and Rehabilitation: Physical fitness is essential to the patients. Our Physical Trainer and Physical Medicine Specialist will and monitor with patient concentric specific exercise modules.
Fitness and Rehabilitation
Enjoyable Activities: At the centre the elderly and dementia affected persons can enjoy a range of meaningful and enjoyable activities in a therapeutic environment. The spectra of activities include art, music, pet, reminiscence, out-door and in-door games, and movement. Occupational-therapy based activities to enhance their day-to-day functioning are also incorporated. These activities are according to the needs of each individual and in accordance with the care-plan which is formulated by the multidisciplinary team upon admission.

Enjoyable Activities
Personal Grooming and Therapy: We provide various personal grooming facilities like hair-cut, hair-coloring, manicure, pedicure, massage etc.

Medical Facilities and Tie-ups:
  • Oasis assisted Care Home offers prompt, regular and emergency services and facilities. It would have tie-ups with near-by hospitals/ nursing homes, all within 10 km / 15 minutes distance from the Care home.
  • The health details of residents will be given to the concerned hospital/ nursing home at the outset, thus enabling quick action during emergencies and lessening waiting-time.
  • Residents will be attended by nursing staff round the clock.
  • Family Doctor who visits Home and recommends according to the needs including Specialist care.
  • Regular check-ups by the Doctor will be available. Doctors and Nurses, OPD, Trained attendants for taking care will be available in campus.
  • Facilities of Path lab tests, sample collection, ECG facilities will be at hand including report delivery.
  • An Ambulance service will be available within the premises round-the-clock.
  • Your timings for meals, tea, walks in the park, naps and involvement in activities etc. will be as per your desire and your doctor's recommendations.

Food and Beverages:
  • At OASIS we are committed to provide quality hygienic breakfast, meal, and the fresh fruits, vegetables found in the market to inmates. An expert team of cooking staffs will be dedicated to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals served in a friendly and caring manner.
  • To respect your choice of food, OASIS'S will have its vegetarian dishes cooked completely separate from non-vegetarian dishes.
  • According to your health conditions and Physician's advice our cooking staffs are flexible to provide you the best food as per your health requirement.
  • OASIS provides fresh water purified by latest technology electronic filters of the reputed Multi - National Company Aqua guard. However packaged drinking water (mineral water) of all reputed companies would also be available on demand.
  • Tea and Snacks two times a day and on call.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( Veg. / Non Veg. ) ( As Recommended by Dieticians ).
  • Your timings for meals, tea, walks in the park, naps and involvement in activities etc. will be as per your desire and your doctor's recommendations.

Activities Include

  • Supervised gentle exercises
  • Metaphors to evoke memories
  • Meditation
  • Games
  • Crafts work
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Discussions
  • Art Groups
  • Films
  • Visiting performers
  • Outside speakers
  • Music and singing
  • Festival and celebrations
  • Mental stimulation games.

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Old Age Home for Assisted Living for the Elderly and Dementia Care
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